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This page provides reference data from various documents referenced in our condo rules and regulations. 


The State of Michigan Condominium Act 59 of 1978

Click the following link to for viewing of the compiled laws complete through PA 91 of 2009 in PDF format.    (Adobe Reader Required.)

Click here to view The Michigan Condominium Act.



The ACCA Condominium Bylaws.

The Condo Bylaws are included in the Amber Creek Condo Master Deed as Appendix A. It generally covers how the property is to be used and basic power of the Association Board.

Click here to view The ACCA Condominium Bylaws



The ACCA Association Bylaws.

The ACCA Association Bylaws are required in the ACCA Master Deed and generally specify how the ACCA Board is to be run. This document is written, approved and maintained by the ACCA Membership.

Click here to view The ACCA Association Bylaws



The ACCA Board Rules.



The ACCA Articles of Incorporation.